Art. 1 Statutes

Present rules are applied in the NGO Nerv Project ASBL and govern what is not set by law or by statutes.

Art. 2 Good behavior

Adherent and effective members commit to:

  • respect good moral, don’t hurt sensibility of other people, adult as minor;

  • respect law and order;

  • don’t divulge confidential informations in public space;

  • send only data which the user has intellectual property;

  • don’t discriminate or encourage to discriminate of one person or a group of persons based on religion, ethnic group, race, sexual orientation or disability;

  • don’t encourage hatred, violence, suicide, murder, assassination, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, apology of war crimes, offenses, terrorism;

  • don’t encourage to get illegally data, software, works or other things that infringe on rights or properties of others;

  • don’t slander, denigrate;

  • don’t infringe on image of a physical person, a brand or a company;

  • don’t advise a doubtful, fraudulent or illicit behavior;

  • don’t advert for oneself or others;

  • don’t send porn or child porn;

  • don’t compromise private life, image or data of others;

  • don’t advice polluting or harmful behavior for environment or health;

  • respect ethical rules promoted by Nerv Project ASBL;

  • don’t block any action of audit body.

Audit body is competent to investigate violations of present article and make a report to the board. It guarantees anonymous of any victim except opposite agreement.

Art. 3 Projects

The board authorize official projects of Nerv Project ASBL. All of them must be supervised by an effective member. Participants of a project write specifications and make sure of the respect of their mission - even if the project evolve.

Art. 4 Canonized universe

A jury, named by the board, receive works of candidates. It chooses works to canonized and publish them if they satisfy requirements and if their plots respect editorial line. The jury can dismiss some works if needed.

Selected works must:

  • be published on the official website;

  • be available in EUPL-1.2 license;

  • be properly redacted, without typing, syntax or spelling mistakes, with a clear style;

  • never contradict canonized universe;

  • be conform to editorial line.

A directory of non-canonized works can be published.

Art. 5 Participation to activities

Adherent and effective members participate in the same way to activities of Nerv Project ASBL. However, all activities must be supervised by an effective member.

Participation of external people and external contributions can occur only within the framework of specifications. Effective members guarantee security, health and smooth progress.

Art. 6 Official language

Nerv Project ASBL communicates in French of Belgium. Published works are at least in French of Belgium and can be translated. Use of median point or other tricks in name of inclusion are prohibited. The aim of Nerv Project ASBL is inclusion of disabled people in culture, and all operations creating exclusion of disabled people can’t be allowed.

Nevertheless, Nerv Project ASBL wants to minimize discrimination based on gender in French language, works must respect these points:

  • put into feminine job names if needed;

  • avoid pronouns “ils” and “elles” to use more neutral terms for a group of persons, like “le groupe”, “les personnes”, etc.;

  • a pronoun keep the gender of the replaced word - for exemple “elles” must be used as replacement of “les personnes” even if there is no woman in the group;

  • official grammatical and spelling rules are used;

  • the global message of the work must conform to moral values of Nerv Project ASBL, even if some extracts don’t (for example, to denounce a situation).

Art. 7 Changes about official language

The board is competent to add following official languages: German of Belgium, Dutch of Belgium. The change is voted with simple majority, after translation of all documents and only if at least three effective members speak this language with a minimum level of C1.

Art. 8 Exception to copyright catalog

Nerv Project ASBL has a catalog of works with exception to copyright for disability. People with difficulties to read can join to access it. A medical exam with a Belgian medical officer chosen by Nerv Project ASBL is mandatory. Nerv Project ASBL does not take charge of medical officer, complementary exams, transport and hosting. The list of works concerned by exception to copyright is published permanently on the website of the NGO. Nevertheless, Nerv Project ASBL publishes works already accessibles and under free license, use of a separated catalog will be a discrimination. Adapting for unplanned cases can be done under terms of the license, and Nerv Project ASBL will explore all accessibility issues to improve official works. So, adding a work in the empty catalog of exceptions to copyright is not allowed.